Hey, social media! It’s me again…

For the last few years, I told all the people I’ve met that “I don’t do social media.”

I’ve always seen myself as the quiet black sheep since 2014 and especially since the “pandemic.” I mean, I WORK IN THE ER! While vocal in its onset and development, I moved to a new state 2021… new facilities… new coworkers.

Don’t step on toes; don’t get into arguments. You’re new here. Nobody trusts you. Nobody knows your heart. Maybe everyone here truly believes the prop. Here I am again, the black sheep and I’m okay with that. I feel, oddly, at home. I feel peace.

What I’ve come to realize is that I harbor the same thoughts as those around me, AND WE ARE ALL QUIET. Regardless of our lifestyle, choices, and culture. We all want the same thing.

The problem with those quiet against a dark narrative is that the narrative goes forward regardless of your internal thoughts.

Find your people in your community. Invest your money in your local farms. Spend your time with your people. Dabble in social media, don’t make it your life. You will never remember a thrilling day of scrolling. We change the course of supposed tomorrows. Don’t stop speaking your truth and read some good books!

Shalom, light, and love.

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