Do You Remember September 12th, 2001?

Research has shown that when groups of people experience the same trauma, it brings them closer together.

This is witnessed in what happened on September 11th, 2001. Following that event was a week full of patriotism. Stores were sold out of flags for months. The country came together and UNITED. This is not what we see today.

What we should not forget is not the trauma of that day, but the aftermath of a country united as one. We should remember September 12th.

The media would like to report the hatred, division, and negativity in the world… but that is a distraction from what we witness in our communities if we just took a moment to look around. We see people working to create this society, we see people helping each other, and we see the beauty of humanity more than we see what the media would like to be our reality.

Because, you see, living in fear keeps you distracted and keeps us divided. Living in the present, being mindful of our surroundings, brings to focus what is most important to us. How do you choose to live today?

Let me tell you, being united does not fit the agenda. People coming together is the media and our gov’t worst fear. This is exactly why high-tension topics and events are highlighted in the news during election season. This gives us the illusion of division. We, Americans, would have total control of our country and our future if we would turn off the noise and live purposefully.

Instead of bickering over how we can control each other, we would support the purpose of those around us… thus, enabling each other to live to our full potentials with many little acts of kindness. September 11th, 2001 is a good reminder of the brevity of life, as are many traumatic events. We hold our families closer and thank those that risk their lives for others.

Hate cannot drive out fear, only understanding and love can do that. This is a country where that is possible, if you seek to remember September 12th, 2001. Will you add to the beauty or be the noise?

Shalom, light, and love.

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