I am wife to an awesome and supportive man, mother to four rambunctious boys, and a nurse. I have been burned out in many areas of nursing including Urgent Care, Med/Surg, and Emergency Medicine. Burn-out is a significant factor in today’s nursing shortage. It is hard to find value in our work when our expectations do not align with our daily actions. Reevaluating my goals, I recognized our sickest population were those heavily medicated. I wanted to know what went wrong and how we got here. I did not want to add to the problem any longer.

We define healthcare by treating symptoms with medications; when did we stop curing patients? How are we determining health in our children? Why do we see a rise in chronic childhood illnesses? Why do we predict costs of healthcare to rise when, if effective, we should be curing people and seeing decreased costs? Are children being primed for life-long medications? Why have we reframed health in our children? Why is sickness considered normal? I don’t see my generation as chronically ill, but my children have friends and family that fit that category. These are children. How will that impact their future and society?

I also realize environmental factors and our food supply significantly influence the growth and development of our children and maintenance of adult health. I plan to offer health and immune-boosting tips for your home and kitchen, take them or leave them! They are not MAD, Mainstream American Diet.

After a series of events that occurred over the course of becoming a mother to four, I feared the future of medical care for my children and their generations. I educated myself through formal measures as well as independently, through government websites and databases available publicly and with college-granted access. I fear the loss of informed consent in America. Several states usurp parental rights daily to push corporate interests. When informed consent is lost, medical tyranny is imminent. We must no longer sacrifice our children for a fallacy. I’m glad you’re here.

Shalom, light, and love.

Semmelweis reflex: The tendency to reject new evidence or new knowledge because it contradicts established norms, beliefs, or paradigms. — Ignaz Semmelweis


Letter to the [[willfully ignorant]] Mandating Employer

An open letter to employers that mandate new biologics without the backing of science nor spirit of inquiry demanded prior to 2020. We look at Comirnaty’s official documents and ask pressing questions regarding safety and efficacy. We focus on antibody dependent enhancement, linked epitope suppression, vaccine associated enhanced disease, or immune escape as defined by the peer-reviewed literature. Unfortunately, we are now seeing these exact signals in the current UK (and Israeli) data, as warned previously. Do not forget that the choice belongs to the individual, and only you can give that power away.

CDC “Delta” Science Contradicts Their Cited References

The CDC published a webpage about the science of the Delta variant on August 6, 2021. Or, did they? We explore their citations that have glaring conflicts of interest when supportive of their claims, yet no data to suggest truth behind their two biggest claims that 1) the vaccines are effective 2) the unvaccinated are at greater risk of poor outcomes.